Lightweight Concrete For Floors, Engineered Fill, And Roof Decks

Serving The St. Louis Region Since 1953

About Elastizell of St. Louis

Serving General Contractors and Building Owners Since 1953

 Elastizell of St Louis specializes in lightweight cellular concrete floor underlayments, lightweight insulating concrete roof decks and engineered fill. We’ve been in business for over 53 years. The average tenure of our workforce is more than 20 years. We provide the utmost quality, service and customer satisfaction.

We manufacture and supply low-density concrete mixes that enable our construction and engineering customers to produce and install high quality, lightweight cellular concrete for a full range of applications.

We can produce low-density concrete at a controlled density that meet desired strengths based on your specific project requirements. Best of all, our mixes are not affected by long pumping distances or extended mixing.

 The many benefits of Elastizell Low-Density Concrete (LDC) include: 

  • Acoustic properties that ensure sound is absorbed, not reflected so it’s a much better for soundproofing than dense weight concrete or brick walls.
  • Reduced weight reduces transport and handling costs
  • Choose from a range of possible densities and strengths 
  • Cost advantages compared with dense weight concrete 
  • Quicker turnaround in the manufacturing process, plus fast construction speed compared with conventional construction methods
  • Ongoing savings on power/energy costs because of its thermal insulation qualities
  • Compressive strength can be varied according to requirements
  • Low water absorption because of its closed cellular structure

Applications include: Abandonment Fills, Acoustic Insulation, Annular Space Grouting, Building Acoustics, Cellular Foam Concrete, Curved Roofs, Filling Voids, Flat Roofs, Floor Leveling, Load-Reducing Backfill, Low-Density Concrete, Insulation, Open Cut Backfill, Prestressed Concrete Caissons, Protection of Timber Piles, Roof Decks Thermal Insulation, Soundproofing, Tunnel Backfill, Water Retention

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How We Help General Contractors and building Owners


Floor Toppings and Underlayments

Our low density concrete system is a great solution for floor leveling in all kinds of building renovations.  Elastizell is also widely used for its sound reduction quality in new construction and renovations. 


Engineered Fill

Geotechnical engineered fills for load reduction, load balancing, lateral force reduction, bridge approaches, roadway fills, landslide corrections, pipeline grouting, tunnel fills, and more.


Roof Decks

Elastizell roof decks are superior to rigid board systems. We can accomodate any slope-to-drain configuration and completely eliminate ponding. Perfect for new construction or re-roofing.


Floor Leveling

We can help level floors for new construction or building  renovations




Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise

Elastizell is a Certified WBE by the State of Missouri Office of Administration and St. Louis Lambert International Airport


Jane Megown, President